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Welcome to Aim 'n' Duam

Our goal is to empower people to become valuable through learning & development and by applying human capital approach, ensures people are perceived as assets whose current value can be measured and whose future value can be enhanced through investment.

Our Core Focus

Learning & Development

The use of technology to enhance teaching and learning is one of the biggest challenges any institution faces; private or public. Across the globe, more and more students and employees are fast becoming non-traditional, entrepreneurial learners. 

Human Capital Management

Are you successfully embedding and encouraging your staff or community about the need to provide specific competencies that can be achieved through workforce acquisition, workforce management and workforce optimisation?

The three golden rules!


Let us help you put together a clear "software workflow" that will grow your business or institution. Our team of software enthusiast don't only talk software, we will work with you to recommend best way to use them - so they make logic business sense.


We live and breathe software, but we also understand what people want from software. At AimanDuam, we do more than provide solution for your business, we work very closely with our customers to co-develop a solution that fits specific needs.

Take Control

If your business motivation is growth and profitability, count on AimanDuam to provide you with those tools and skills to support that motivation. Our philosophy is, you remain your business driver and project owner, while we work out the basic fundermentals. 

Which e-Learning are you?

e-Learning is providing expanded opportunities
E-learning For Schools

e-Learning is providing expanded opportunities

Learning is no longer confined to a classroom. Today's learners are armed with laptops, smartphones and tablets and interact with their community, 24/7. Are you successfully embedding and encouraging your students about the use of learning technologies?

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Start re-investing in your people
E-learning For Enterprise

Start re-investing in your people

Businesses that can't demonstrate improvements in people’s capability and retention risks loss of income. It’s essential to get early identification of your staff's knowledge gap, and when to re-educate them. This approach help drive better decision-making and achieve ambitious goals you set for your staffs.

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Areas our consultancy service can also help

Career Advisory & Training

Making the right career choice can be very challenging. We are working with our eduction partner, British School of Outdoor Education (BSOE) to provide top class career advisory and well tailored training for students, businesses and government agencies to ensure those important career choices are made.

Tutoring & Mentoring Program

Mentoring and tutoring involve promoting academic achievement and instilling positive academic attitudes in children and adolescents. We have a clear program provided by our partners that helps promote positive academic attitude for student and school leavers.

Recruitment & Onboarding

One of the biggest challenge in Sub Saharan Africa is mass unemployment, but labour experience shouldn't stop when employment is attained. We have developed a concrete strategy with our recruitment partner, Productive People on how to work with employers from the point a candidate is recruited to Onboarding backed by our software partner Zoho.

Workforce & People Management

A good People Management technique requires accurate analytic data that can be used to support company’s goals and policies. Analytic data also plays an important role in identifying and communicating the actions required to form a workforce that can deliver services and products in future. We understand and will recommend best tools to achieve these goals. 

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